The Ministry

CROSSroads To Recovery is a Christian recovery support group in Marshfield, Wisconsin that uses the the power of Jesus Christ, mentorship, friendship, prayer, and community resources to help addicts live drug free, and was started by my husband and I in 2014. We host weekly recovery meetings on Monday nights, bible studies during the week, fellowship dinners, outings, and prayer meetings. More than that, however, we "do life" with addicts by coming alongside them and befriending them, praying for them, having movie nights and outings together, going on vacations together, and offering a Christian community of recovery that enables them to learn to live a drug free life. We show up for emergency addiction or spiritual related calls, plug into community resources to meet tangible needs, and help set people up with resources to get into detox, as well as offering coping skills through our own experience, strength, and hope. The heart of our ministry is one on one mentoring. We come alongside those suffering with addiction and do life with them. As former addicts ourselves, we know what they are going through and walk through the long journey of recovery with them.We are there to be friends and show the love of Jesus in daily living. We have seen many lives restored, souls saved, and chains of addictions broken through God's work through this ministry. We are in the process of building a non profit recovery and restoration home where addicts will be able to recover in a safe, Christian environment FREE of charge for 9-12 months with other Christians who have found freedom from addiction through Jesus Christ. When the home comes to fruition, I will be the one running it, since my husband is disabled. My husband and I both came out of one of these homes, and we KNOW that power that they have to change lives. We want to offer that hope to the addicts in the Marshfield community. We are currently in the process of looking for a building. Information about our ministry can be found on the CROSSroads To Recovery Webpage. You can also find us on Facebook.

You can also read the magazine article highlighting our ministry HERE.

Above is a video highlighting one of the amazing success stories from our ministry- Malissa- and her graduation from drug court after CROSSroads helped her remain sober for a year and a half.

Part of our Ministry team and some CROSSroads participants.

The Celebrate Recovery material we use next to the bible.

My husband Ben teaching at one of our recovery meetings.

A CROSSroads field trip to Wisconsin Dells- Mt. Olympus.

Prayer circle.

Me leading prayer at a CROSSroads baptism party.

Ben giving an update on CROSSroads in front of the congregation with pastor Larry at Faith Fellowship church.

Celebrating a participant's six months of sobriety!

Celebrating another CROSSroads' participant's baptism with a party!

One of our girls being bapitized.

Giving testimonies during a church service.

Malissa's baptism gifts.

Me with a CROSSroad's member's child.

A CROSSroad's baptism party.

People enjoying our FREE Thanksgiving meal, where we served over 100 people in the community.

The CROSSroads' FREE community Thanksgiving meal.
Another one of our girls being bapitized.