Sunday, December 20, 2015

Merry Christmas.... From the police?

We got a knock on our door at 9 PM tonight, after just getting back from (even more) Christmas shopping. I opened the door, and there was a Marshfield police officer standing there. At first I figured he was there about one of the addicts we work with ~ I thought maybe something had happened. He started talking to me and asked me if I remembered him ~ he took the report when our camping equipment was stolen this past summer. I invited him in, and figured they had found our camping equipment from this summer and were  returning it. Ben came out of the bedroom and the officer began talking to both of us. 

What happened next is honestly something I have never experienced in my life. He told us that they hadn't found the camping equipment, but he was there to wish us a marry Christmas, and apologized for coming so late. He started telling us that every year, the police department gives a card to people who are making a big impact on the community. He thanked us for everthing we do in the community  (which is ironic coming from an officer and all HE does ~ I felt like I should be telling him that), and said the police department wanted to let us know that our efforts and work are appreciated and much needed, then he handed us a Christmas card from the police department and wished us a merry Christmas. He stayed for about ten minutes chatting, and kept thanking us over and over again for what we do.

We were, to put it lightly ~ speechless. Just when we were going through  a time when we weren't sure if we were making enough of a difference, God sent a message to let us know that we are. We are so humbled and thankful ~ and it is an honor to be able to do what we do in the community for drug addicts, because God has put it on our hearts. The fact that God uses us to reach people despite how messed up are is something that we are thankful for every day, and that's why we give back. To be recognized for it is not expected, but it is very appreciated  and gives us the stamina to keep going even when things get hard. Knowing that other people see what we sometimes can't keeps us focused on God's calling and the path we need to stay on. .

God is good, and he knows just when to send a pick me up to the weary. He knows how to encourage us in ways that no human could ever know. By  the way, God sure has a sense of humor. Ten years ago, if the police were knocking on my door at 9pm (or at all for that matter), it would have been to arrest me. In fact, I probably would have ran as soon as I opened the door. To have a uniformed officer hand deliver a Christmas card and thank us for our work in the community is a hilarious display of just how much God can change your circumstances. He is good ~ he is SO good! Trust me when I say that he can change your life in an instant beyond your wildest dreams! From being a drug addicted criminal to working alongside the police force and getting Christmas cards hand delivered by them ~ God can do far beyond what we could ever ask or think!