Sunday, February 21, 2016

Justin's birthday weekend celebration at MOA day two- Rainforest Cafe and Nickelodeon Universe

Our little guy had quite the day today on the second day of his birthday weekend celebration at Mall Of America. We went for a morning swim, had a delicious lunch at TGI Fridays, then headed over to the mall of America and hit up Nickelodeon Universe. He had a blast- but it was crazy busy, with kids everywhere!

The wonderpets!

Awesome rides

Driving the truck with daddy!

After he finally got tired out, mommy went shopping for awhile (seriously- if I buy ONE more pair of shoes, I think my husband is going to kill me!) while Justin and daddy sat down to rest. Then, we headed over to Rainforest Café for Justin's birthday dinner. He was absolutely thrilled with the entire experience! Not only is the entire restaurant decorated in a jungle theme with animated animals, but there are periodic thunderstorms that happen while you are eating. It was so cool! The food was delicious, but the real hit of the night was when they brought out Justin's birthday brownie volcano complete with a sparkler on top, while the staff sang happy birthday to him. His eyes lit up, and he was grinning from ear to ear! My husband has an ADORABLE video of it! My little boy was SO happy!

HUGE shrimp tacos!
Justin's cool light up cup!

Delicious clam chowder in a bread bowl!

Ben's seafood platter

And... The birthday brownie volcano- complete with ice cream and whipped cream! This thing was TOTALLY massive! So yummy!

So happy!


Once we got back to the suite, our little boy was out like a light! He took up the ENTIRE bed, so finding a position to sleep in was interesting ;) I am just SO thankful that God has blessed us to be able to have this wonderful weekend to celebrate the birth of our little boy- he is worth it ALL!

Out like a light!