Sunday, February 21, 2016

Justin's THIRD birthday.

Even though we have been celebrating all weekend, today is Justin' official third birthday. It is so crazy that he is three years old already! It seems like just yesterday, the gorgeous baby with the crazy mop of hair entered our lives and changed them forever! He is growing so quickly, but I am SO proud of the child he has become. We could NOT be more blessed, or ask for a more amazing little boy!
Justin at just a few hours old (see what I mean about the hair!)

We got home from Minnesota this evening, and had a small, intimate birthday celebration for our birthday boy. His daddy went out of his way to buy decorations (including a bubble machine), set up all of his presents, and we surprised him. His little face was priceless!

So happy!

Kisses for daddy

My hubby did such an amazing job!

Lots of Mickey Mouse loot!

MMMMMMM... cupcakes!

Love my baby!

I know that some people may think we went over the top by celebrating his birthday for three day straight, but this little boy has altered both mine and my husband's life in ways that we couldn't fathom before he was born. We have been so beyond blessed to be his parents, and we thank God for him everyday. We wanted to make his birthday incredibly special, especially since last year he was with us on a ministry trip on his birthday, so he really didn't get much of a party except for a small party with family at McDonalds. We hope that he will look back on these memories and realize just how loved and cherished he is by his mom and dad. We would give him the world if we could! I thank God that he enabled us to have a great experience this weekend, and gain much needed family time where we could concentrate on celebrating our incredible son.  Happy birthday my sweet, sweet boy. We love you to the moon, and we are absolutely honored to be your parents!